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USF Impact of Drugs on Academic Performance of Students Memo

USF Impact of Drugs on Academic Performance of Students Memo

Question Description

    1. Create a folder in your Project 2 folder at your Google Archive called Client Research Proposal. In that folder, please load two documents in Google Doc format:
      1. Problem Definition Exercise
      2. Client Research Proposal
    2. Upload your Research Proposal to Canvas
  1. Your research proposal should be in Memo format. If you have a real audience, that’s awesome. Ideally, address the memo to the real audience…….But if you are still unsure, send it to me in my role as Joe Moxley, Project Manager, for Focus Consulting, LLC, and I’ll consider whether I’m willing to release funds for your proposed research.
  2. Your research proposal should include logical sections such as
    1. primary audience, secondary audience
    2. problem description
    3. visual representation of the proposal (see Defining the Scope (Links to an external site.))
    4. stakeholders
    5. desired outcomes
    6. schedule
    7. budget
    8. references

Note: The schedule and budget section is optional for this assigmet