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University of North Texas Espionage as A Service Discussion

University of North Texas Espionage as A Service Discussion

Question Description

Review the Syllabus regarding Discussions and grading criteria to ensure you’ve met all of the necessary requirements. You must meet the minimum words count, and your post must reflect critical thought and substantive contribution to the class discussion. Additionally, you will be graded on grammar, so proofread your submissions prior to posting. It may be helpful to type your responses in a Word document before cutting and pasting them into your submission.

Students are also expected to incorporate a minimum of 1 academic references (beyond the textbook) with appropriate in text citations in APA format for any information obtained from an outside source.

You will also peer review 2 classmates’ discussion posts. Review the Syllabus regarding peer reviewing and also the Peer Review Module in Canvas.

****Note: Failure to complete the 2 required peer reviews will result in a zero for the assignment.****