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University of Arizona The Sparkyville Project Paper

University of Arizona The Sparkyville Project Paper

Question Description

Successful completion of this assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the following competency toward your class grade: technical communication.

Technical Communication: Appropriately use equations and/or figures/tables in the context of a written document such that:

  • equations are numbered and variables defined
  • figures/tables are captioned and explicitly referred to in the textDescription and procedure:The submission must be a written document regarding your team’s Sparkyville project. This should be a cohesive, narrative, professional document. Reviewing the slides from class on Written Communicationwill help you fulfill the grading rubric’s requirements. The format and content of the documentation is described in detail below.Format:
    •  Title Page: Project name, Team number/name, names of all team members who participated
    •  Document should be written as a formal technical document with appropriately formatted sectionheadings (i.e. bold and/or underline).
    •  Sections to include: Introduction about the project, description of the team’s solution, energysource, references Content:

o Introduce the “Sparkyville” project to someone who is not from EGR 102 and the end

result that your team plans to obtain. Write about the project constraints and budget. Your team’s solution

o Includegeneralinformationaboutyourteam’sdevice
o Includeyourteam’sdecisionmatrix(thiscanbesharedamongteammembersandcanbe

the same decision matrix used in PA: Design Review Prep), label the table correctly and

discuss the different design possibilities
o Comparetheteam’sdevicewithatleastoneotherdesignfromthedecisionmatrix.Make

an evidence-based claim about why your device is better than the other design.o Writeashortdescriptionofhowyouconstructedyourteam’sdevice/prototype.

 Energy source
o Writeabouttherenewableenergysource(i.e.water,wind,orsun)yourteamisusing,

include a reference from your research
o Include an equation of the renewable energy source your team is using. Number the

equation and define all the variables. Discuss the theoretical power available from this

source. References:

o Includeallreferencesused(referencesshouldalsobecitedinthetextofthereport).1


o UseanappropriateIEEEcitationformat