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University at Buffalo Educational Technology Questions Response

University at Buffalo Educational Technology Questions Response

Question Description


I have 4 questions related to an emerging technology ( Educational Technology) need to research and report on.

The topic is about Educational Technology you will be writing about technologies that enhance the educational experience.


  1. Describe the technology and where it is in its maturity? Relatively new, more mature, very mature/robust, etc. Please elaborate on your answer.
  2. What are the key barriers that must be addressed to be successful and/or that have been addressed in more mature/successful technologies?
  3. Explain the marketplace targeted currently or in the future – more of a consumer based technology or better targeted at industry (Financial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc.).
  4. Include your opinion on where you believe the technology will be in 5 years (will be successful/failure or will become successful). Be sure to justify your response with research and references on why you believe it to be true.