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UCSB 2008 Presidential Election and Passage of Obamacare Essay

UCSB 2008 Presidential Election and Passage of Obamacare Essay

Question Description

This is a college level essay. Please do not plagiarize!

Directions – Imagine that a prominent website/blog/magazine wants to know aboutordinary peoples’ experience with and understandings of politics. The editors haveasked you to weigh in. Write a 1-2 page political autobiography, as if you were writingit for a broad audience. Questions you may want to consider addressing in thisautobiography include but are not limited to the following:• What does ‘politics’ mean to you?• When did you first become aware of, or interested in, or concerned aboutpolitics? What were some of your earliest/formative political memories?• What are some of your big concerns/interests?• (In what ways) do you participate in politics / what barriers to participation doyou encounter?Format – Please format your autobiography as follows:• Include your name and a title at the top of the first page• Use a 12 point times new roman (or similar) font• Make sure the document is double spaced, without extra space betweenparagraphs• Make sure your reflection is at least 1 full page and no more than 2 full pages inlengthAssessment – I will grade this assignment based on how well you accomplish thefollowing, in descending order of importance:• Provide an honest, concise, well-crafted account of your experience with politics• Write clearly, proofread, and correct any grammatical issues, typos, etc. – pretendthis is going to be published, and you’re trying to get it past an editor• Follow the formatting guidelines, above