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The Impact of A Telemedicine Expansion Scenario Action Plan Analysis Essay

The Impact of A Telemedicine Expansion Scenario Action Plan Analysis Essay

Question Description

    • Find at least two scholarly references on appropriate performance metrics for telemedicine.
    • Find at least one scholarly reference on the process of evaluating performance in healthcare settings.
    • Using the evaluation frameworks in this week’s resources in conjunction with your scholarly references, develop an action plan for evaluating the performance of healthcare providers delivering telemedicine services.
      • Your plan should consist of 5-11 steps.
      • Each step should include at a minimum:
        • A description of the required activities to complete the step
        • Identification of the personnel (roles) responsible.
        • Identification of the information needed.
        • Description of any additional personnel or other resources necessary.
        • Estimation of the time needed to complete the step.
      • Your action plan can be presented in tabular or document form and should include a visual diagram showing the progression of the steps in the action plan.

Be sure to indicate appropriate feedback mechanisms in your action plan. For each step in your plan, consider what findings at that step might indicate the need to revisit a previous step
Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources