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TFR34 California State University Policy Brief Proposal Paper

TFR34 California State University Policy Brief Proposal Paper

Question Description

Assignment Guide: A Policy Brief Proposal (Part 1)


No matter what the assignment is, there are two concerns that many students will be troubled with. First, many students want to know if the topic they selected is appropriate. Second (though really these concerns are in no particular order), students want to know about citations. This assignment is intended to address questions related to those two items.


Read/review all of the resources available to you in the Writing Assignment module before completing this assignment proposal. This includes

The Assignment

Using a geographic perspective (remember, where, why there, and why do we care) you will want to first begin by identifying a problem or issue in a region, county, city or location and explain why that issue is significant there.

  1. State your topic.
  2. Give the name of the organization you are addressing and briefly describe their mission.
  3. State your issue, including the location, and its significance.
  4. State the citation style you will be using.
  5. Provide a list of a minimum of three current (no more than two years old) references you will be using. [Note: You can add or remove references later, so long as you still meet the minimum requirement. You can also use additional references that are older as long as three are current.]
  6. Example

    1. Pushing state and national government for fair repair legislation.
    2. I am addressing the problems associated with electronics manufacturers who increase electronic waste by designing products that have a short lifespan and then are either difficult or cost imperative to repair.
    3. The National Governors Association, Economic Development and Commerce Committee
    4. The Chicago Manual of Style, Author-Date
    5. References

    Perry, Paul. “The E-Waste crisis and how right to repair (and recycling) can fix it.” Recycling Magazine. June 28, 2019. Accessed August 20, 2019.

    Semuels, Alana. “The World Has an E-Waste Problem.” Time. May 23, 2019. Accessed August 20, 2019.

    Schultz, Jennifer. “Electronic Waste Recycling.” National Conference of State Legislatures. September 17, 2018. Accessed August 20, 2019.

    Vaute, Vianney. “Recycling Is Not The Answer To The E-Waste Crisis.” Forbes. October 29, 2018. Accessed August, 20, 2019.


    The topics addressed in a policy brief can be diverse and may encompass a wide range of issues. In this case your policy brief will be focused on those issues concerning the physical environment, for example, natural resources, like forests, water, and fossil fuels, or current issues, like deforestation and global climate change. Many of the topics we cover in this course are ideal for this type of document.