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  1. Submit your Research DRAFT pap here.
  2.  Review

  1. Submit your Research DRAFT pap here.
  2.  Review Healthy People 2030 and choose one (1) area of interest. You are to research health promotion in your area of interest
  3. Research your choice and include in your pap the following:
    1. Create a list of five (5 or more) activities that are reflective of health promotion.
    2. Create a matrix that lists:
      • the individual activity
      • the person responsible to conduct that activity
      • who the target audience is
      • how the activity will be presented.
    3. Include in your pap any special items or props that would be beneficial.
  4. Your DRAFT pap should be:
    • At least 1-2 pages
    • Use citations and references as needed
    • Typed utilizing proper spelling, grammar and in APA style
  5. Type into a Microsoft Word document, and save the file.
  6. Upload the file by clicking “Upload