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SSC488 California State University Postpartum Care Paper

SSC488 California State University Postpartum Care Paper

Question Description

Required Components: These components are required for both the presentation AND the written proposal. Obviously, however, you will be expected to expand on these components in writing. While all of these components should be included, you may choose to use fewer or different pieces of supporting evidence in the presentation than the paper. 

1. Define your global health issue: What is the global health issue you have chosen? Who/where does it effect? How does it affect the health of the people/societies you are looking at? Why is it significant?

2. Your suggested intervention(s): What does your group propose to do to make this global health issue better? In other words, what do you want the WHO to provide funding for? Why?

a. For our purposes, you may assume that funding limits are not a concern. But, if you can determine how much something might cost from your research, that will make your proposal stronger. Also, if you are doing something that would seem impossibly expensive, you can strengthen your case by showing that it wouldn’t be. Example: “solving homelessness by giving each homeless person in the U.S. a free apartment would seem to be far too expensive, but ______ organization estimates it would cost x dollars, which is less money than the U.S. spends on services for homeless people.” 

b. You may (and in most cases probably should) target your intervention to a particular place or group of people. Justify your choice to do so. You might consider: Where is the problem worst? Where would solutions be most cost efficient? Who is (will be) most affected? Are there people it would be too difficult to help? Would helping some group of people stop the issue from spreading or causing other problems? 

3. Organizations/Partners who can support your efforts: Provide at least TWO potential partners who are already doing this or similar work (Governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, charities, churches, local activists, etc.). What are they already doing in this area? What are they not doing? Pro Tip: These potential partners are also likely good sources of evidence.

4. Most significant social challenges: Provide the TWO most significant social challenges your intervention will have to deal with. For instance, perhaps you want to stop a sexually transmitted disease in a country that has outlawed contraception or certain kinds of sex. Or perhaps you will be working in country that is in the middle of a civil war. 

5. Ethical considerations: What if any ethical considerations will be important in solving this problem and what will you do to try to overcome them? If you do not believe there are any ethical concerns, you must make the case for why you think that. 


Formatting the Paper

1. Page Limit: About 5-6 pages.

2. Audience: A professional funding organization. Writing in the first-person is generally unacceptable. The is an example of formal, professional writing. You should write in complete sentences and full paragraphs. You may, however, break up your paper into sections following the headings listed above. 

3. Formatting: Times New Roman, 12-pt, 1-inch margins. Double space EXCEPT for your identifying information (name, date, course number), which should be single spaced. No need for a cover page.

4. References: For the sources in your paper, you should use parenthetical references in (Last Name, Page Number) format. These should be included in a bibliography on a final page. You may use any accepted bibliography format (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian); just be consistent. 

5. Proofreading: Your writing will be graded on both content and quality. Take the time to proofread (not just spellcheck) your paper.  FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXT