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Saddleback College Young Children’s Thinking Discussion

Saddleback College Young Children’s Thinking Discussion

Question Description

Discussion Young Children’s Thinking

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Select one of the typical limitations on children’s thinking as defined by Piaget:

  • Egocentrism
  • Focus on Appearance
  • Inability to Conserve
  • Literal and/or concrete interpretation of phrases

In your discussion post,

  1. Name the concept you will be applying
  2. Describe a circumstance or event (observed or hypothesized)
  3. Describe how you could use your understanding of preoperational thinking to respond to a child in a way that would both avoid a power struggle and at the same time contribute to a child’s self-esteem or sense of self.

Here is an example (so make sure to use a different one):

  1. Inability to Conserve
  2. I saw a child become upset that their classmate had more raisins than they did since they were spread out all over the plate instead of still contained in their box
  3. Instead of simply assuring the child that all the boxes contained the same amount I might encourage the child to put theirs out on a plate too to compare. By doing this, I validate their concern and use my understanding of how they think to guide them to their own discovery.

Post your example and expand on at least one classmate’s idea for full credit. You will not be able to see other’s posts until you post your own.