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Rutgers University Diffusion of Innovation Article Review

Rutgers University Diffusion of Innovation Article Review

Question Description

Read the “Recipe for inforgraphic” reading and pp. 12-18 of the Rodgers Chapter for the assignment review class in Week 7

Find an infographic similar to the kind discussed in the article that’s interesting to you and look it over – make sure it’s a technology related infographic!

    • Hint: an easy way to do this is to do a Google image search with a topic you’re interested in and the keyword “infographic”
  • Write a 200-400 word discussion of:
    • Two things you found in the infographic that were good examples of items from the “Design Matrix” on page 53 (question, design, etc.)
    • One thing in the infographic that wasn’t a good example of those items.
    • Be sure to explain your choices!
  • See if you can see an example in your infographic to the ideas about diffusion of technology in Rogers (relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, etc.).