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  1. Read content resources

  1. Read content resources

  1. Read content resources. Select the following link to the Worldfavor article(, An Overview of Corruption in Supply Chains. Read the article and then click on the Blockchain link to see how major companies are using technology to provide transparency in their global supply chains.
  2. Write an initial response to the following key question(s) or prompt(s):
    1. Considering the nature of your PBL project’s company, what do you see as major advantages of Blockchain to assist it in avoidance of corruption?
    2. Why is transparency in the entire supply chain from providers of raw materials to the customers’ purchases in their local box stores so important to protect your company’s corporate image and its integrity?
  3. The World Bank stated that corruption is one of the largest contributors to the economic well-being of developing countries. It is also the single biggest cause of business failure. With the growing global competition, governments and business organisations are coming up with solutions to combat corruption. But some argue that corruption is here to stay and they will have to adapt to it (Ibodullaevich & Kizi, 2021). What do you think?

Minimum 3 references with at least 500 words