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Queensland University of Technology Algeria and Germany Comparative Analysis

Queensland University of Technology Algeria and Germany Comparative Analysis

Question Description

Blog 1 AssignmentFor Blog 1, you must collect and organize data for a comparative case study projecton two nation-states, one CEDAW OP party and one CEDAW party that is not aCEDAW OP party. The data will provide the foundation for your Final ResearchPaper. The goal is to identify and compare factors you think might be related todifferences among nation-states on their level of commitment to CEDAW. Being anOP party is here used as a critical indicator and mobilizer of higher commitment.

You will find a number of websites linked below that should make the data collectiontask easy. Choose the nation-states carefully and then select data that you think willresult in a meaningful set of comparisons. Below are suggestions for possible topics and data collection. Several are topics forlater weeks in the course. See the table on the next page for ideas

• Constitutional rights, • Dominant religion,

• Age of marriage, • Literacy,

• GII, • GPP,

• Women’s level of education,• Women’s political and economic rights,

• Women’s labor force participation,• Percent of women in parliament,• Religious freedom.• NGOs.

Status of CEDAW and CEDAW OP:

Reservations: IV-8.en.pdfGlobal Gender Equality Constitutional Data Base:

Gender Inequality Index:…

TheARDA: (Religion and Other Comparative Data):

NGO Knowledge Collection Data

Sample Dummy Table below

Country A –CEDAW OP Party Country B-Not a CEDAW OPParty

Entered Reservations

Global Inequality Index

Dominant Religion1

Share of Seats in Parliament2

Labor Force Participation Rates3

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