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QNT561 University of Maine Expansion Strategy Case Study Paper

QNT561 University of Maine Expansion Strategy Case Study Paper

Question Description

Purpose of Assignment

This assignment has twocases. The first case is on expansion strategy. Managers constantlyhave to make decisions under uncertainty. This assignment gives studentsan opportunity to use the mean and standard deviation of probabilitydistributions to make a decision on expansion strategy. The second caseis on determining at which point a manager should re-order a printer sohe or she doesn’t run out-of-stock. The second case uses normaldistribution. The first case demonstrates application of statistics infinance and the second case demonstrates application of statistics inoperations management.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft Excel®, Bell Computer Company Forecasts data set, Case Study Scenarios

Write a 1,050-word report based on the Bell Computer Company Forecasts data set and Case Study Scenarios.

Include answers to the following:

Case 1: Bell Computer Company

  • Computethe expected value for the profit associated with the two expansionalternatives. Which decision is preferred for the objective ofmaximizing the expected profit?
  • Compute the variation for theprofit associated with the two expansion alternatives. Which decision ispreferred for the objective of minimizing the risk or uncertainty?

Case 2: Kyle Bits and Bytes

  • What should be the re-order point? How many HP laser printers should he have in stock when he re-orders from the manufacturer?

Format your assignment consistent with APA format.

Use in-text citations according to the references used.

List all references used.

Submit both word document with the 1,050-word report, and excel file showing all the needed calculations.

see attached files.