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Purdue University Global Internationalization of Higher Education Paper

Purdue University Global Internationalization of Higher Education Paper

Question Description

Imagine that you work as the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Program at a small, private college. The students who attend your college primarily commute from home and are largely first generation college students from middle- and low-socioeconomic backgrounds. You recently attended a conference and learned about the benefits of study abroad.

Develop a reasonable plan for implementation of a study abroad program within 5 years. In your plan, address the following:

  • Is this type of program a good fit for your school? Why, or why not?
  • How many students would you reach?
  • Explain how your will take into account finances, marketing, benefits, challenges, academics and any other pertinent issues addressed in the text.

Your paper should be 2–3 pages long for content. Be sure to follow all APA style guidelines when completing your paper. Support your paper with references from the textbook and other scholarly resources such as peer reviewed articles from the Library.

This Assignment addresses the following unit learning outcome:

  • Develop a plan for a student affairs program in a given college context.