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Penn State University Wesley Yang Higher Education in America Case Discussion

Penn State University Wesley Yang Higher Education in America Case Discussion

Question Description

Readings: Wesley Yang, “Paper Tigers” (435)

Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, “The Coddling of the American Mind” (262)

Examine the ways Yang and Haidt describe higher education and synthesize the works of both authors to posit what the goals of higher education in America are and what the goal of higher education should be. What do the authors see as standing in the way of those goals? Give specific examples to support your writing.

Things to get you thinking:

  • Yang talks about higher education mostly in terms of the end goal — to have a good college name on a resume. Look back at the essay for all the places higher education in mentioned and think about what end goals have to do with the Chinese-American view of self esteem.
  • Lukianoff and Haidt discuss higher education in terms of what happens in the classroom. What evolution are they describing? Why are they so wary of the changes? What future do they envision?
  • Both authors speak about the ways college shapes identity. Think back to your first essay on how culture shapes identity. Does college culture do the same?
  • Rough Draft: three full pages

Please upload rough drafts to Canvas by class time. Bring two hard copies to class for peer review. Rough drafts will be checked for completeness.

Late rough drafts will result in a half-letter grade deduction from the final draft of Paper 2.

  • Final Draft: four full pages

Please upload (as an attachment) to Assignments on our Canvas site by class time.

Late final drafts will result in a full letter grade deduction from the grade of Paper 2.

  • Requirements:

*must have title/heading/page number *double spaced *1-inch margins *12-point font *MLA format