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Ottawa University Transforming the Ebusiness Paper

Ottawa University Transforming the Ebusiness Paper

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Listed below are the primary factors (approx 5 major factors to consider) would you need to consider before creating your ebusiness/ecommerce business? This will require some internet research. Research each of these and indicate what actions you would need to take to ensure your internet business was able to meet each of these steps? Please use the heading provided in your detailed description.1. Doing your homework with respect to research, knowledge, and tips and tricks,2. Planning and design3. Funding 4. Adding and transforming after having had the opportunity to evaluate it over time and consideration what to add to better the site, and finally5. Implementing the site for reference. In this discussion board essay I’m looking for your methodology explained, (lessons learned) project approach and attach a project plan (word format of the 5 detailed tasks above involved). In other words a detailed explanation of what’s needed to plan and implement a eCommerce web site for a business based on your new knowledge – what you learned and what steps you would take if you needed to complete the development process a 2nd time for a business other than your own. This essay should be approximately 1000 words long (2 pages long single spaced). In other words a detailed explanation on how you would approach and implement a business web site

i need good grammar and clearly logic, i need a high mark work for this assignment, and need use some reference from the text book, thank you!