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Norwich University Exofit Sports and Health Gym Monthly Budget

Norwich University Exofit Sports and Health Gym Monthly Budget

Question Description

By Thursday of this week create an initial post with a minimum of 150 words discussing comparative data. Comparative data means you compare your expected budget amount with your actual budget expense. Make sure to include the items below:

  1. Using your personal home budget or workplace budget, set up a table that has your planned budget amount and budget actuals.
  2. Use table 15-1 as your example.
  1. Explain each element in the table and what actions you will take to correct poor budget figures vs actuals, or how you will leverage good budget figures vs actuals.

By Sunday of this week reply to two other classmates’ postings with at least 75 words. Include the following:

  1. Review you classmate’s comparative data and take on the role of their supervisor.
  1. Respond to the comparative data and your classmate’s explanation related to the budget