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Northern Star Online Probabilities and Statistics Calculating Probability

Northern Star Online Probabilities and Statistics Calculating Probability

Question Description

Answer questions #1-3. Show Work.

1. A basketball player makes a shot 72.1% of the time (0.721 as a decimal). Study the player’s next three shots by doing the following:

a. Draw a tree diagram and label all of the probabilities on the tree.

b. Find and label the probability for each branch of the tree diagram.

c. Build a probability model showing the probability of the player making 0, 1, 2, or 3 shots.

2. A bucket contains 4 red balls and 5 orange balls. Two balls are pulled from the bucket, one after another, without replacement. Build a tree diagram showing the different possible outcomes for the two marbles being drawn. Be sure each branch is labeled with its individual probability and include the probability at the end of each branch.

3. Consider that 45% of Americans own a dog, 25% of Americans own a cat, and 40% of Americans own neither. Draw a Venn Diagram for this situation. Be sure to label every region of the Venn Diagram with a word AND the percentage of Americans that fall in each category.