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Louisiana State University Forbes 100 Best Places to Work Questions

Louisiana State University Forbes 100 Best Places to Work Questions

Question Description

Part 1- Discussion Board

Based on what you are majoring in, would like to do, feel a passion for, etc,. search the Forbes 100 best places to work list. You need to find a company that you would like to work for, but more importantly, answer these questions in your post:,19.htm

Be sure that you click on the company to find out more about them…

1)Tell me about your company. What kind of job would you want to do there?

2) What incentives, other than money, does the company offer that serve as a method of control or at least pacification of the “human factor”?

3) How is this company different from Fordism? Has this change occurred over time? Why did you pick this company??

I would like to work in health care administration

Part 2-Website Critique

Using the business you chose for this week’s forum from the Forbes list of 100 best places to work or Glassdoor list, complete a website critique of the Human Resources component of the business’s website. For example, if you picked LSUS (just kidding) I want you to go to the HR section of the website…

Please remember that the following pieces of information need to be included in your critique. 1)Authority-Who wrote the information? Who manages the site? What are their specifications?

2) Audience – What is the purpose of the site? For whom is the information geared? Is the information appropriate?

3) Context/Coverage – Why is this site on the Web? What is the bias of the site? How thorough is the information? What sites are linked?

4) Accuracy – Is the site using “good information/science”? Are sources identified? Can you verify the information?

5) Currency – Is this current information or current thought? Are data reported timely? Is the site maintained regularly?