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LIT1000 Saginaw Valley State University Home Networking Guide Paper

LIT1000 Saginaw Valley State University Home Networking Guide Paper

Question Description

A simple assignment


1.Open Lab 4 -Start.docx, and save as Lab4_ LastFirst.docx.

2.Select the title Home Networking Guide, and convert the text to a Word Art Object using Gradient Fill – Blue, Accent 1, Reflection.

3.With the WordArt object still selected, click Layout Options, and select Top and Bottom. Then, click See more… at the bottom of the Layout Options window, and in the Layout dialog box, in the Horizontal section, select the Alignment option, and then choose Centered from the dropdown box.

4.Apply the Fill – Orange, Accent 2, Outline – Accent 2 Text Effect to the three headings: Hardware, Wireless vs. Wired, and Powerline Adapters. Increase the font size of each heading to 18.

5.Create custom margins so all margins are .7”.

6.Position the cursor before the heading Hardware. Insert a Section Break (Continuous), and then apply Two Column formatting.

7.Place the cursor at the end of the second bullet point paragraph in the Hardware section. Insert the image Lab 4 – ModemRouter. Change the Layout Option of the image to Square. Resize the image so the height is .9” and the width is 1.2”, then move the image so that the two top lines of the Router paragraph display above the image, and the left side of the image is flush with the left margin.

8.Place the cursor at the beginning of the Powerline Adapters paragraph. Insert the image Lab 4 – Powerline. Change the Layout Option to Tight. Change the height of the image to 1”, and then move the image so the right side is flush with the right margin of the document and centered vertically in the Powerline Adapter paragraph.

9.Place the cursor at the beginning of Current Wireless (Wi-Fi) Standards. Insert a Column Break. Format the text with Bold and Italics.

10.Save and submit for grading.