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Liberty University Session 1 Writing Assessment

Liberty University Session 1 Writing Assessment

Question Description

Writing assignments are part of every course at CCU. Some writing assignments require academic writing that synthesizes learning using factual statements and scholarly literature; you will be learning more about academic writing later in this course. Other writing assignments require reflective writing that critically examines personal assumptions about course concepts and applies new learning about these concepts to personal life experiences and professional practice. Critical reflection challenges you to examine your learning and assumptions in three ways:

  • Heart – Was there something you learned that transformed the way you feel?
  • Head – What did you learn that you didn’t know before? What confirmed or challenged any beliefs or assumptions you had?
  • Hands – Is there something that you will do differently due to what you have learned? How will you apply what you learn?

Both academic and reflective writing assignments require clear writing that is organized using well-constructed sentences and paragraphs (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion), accurate grammar, and correct spelling.

Assignment Requirements:

Whether this is the first college course you have even taken or just your first class at CCU, your life experience plays a significant role in who you are and what you hope to accomplish academically and professionally. Write a reflection paper that describes an event or an experience in your life and examines how that experience will influence your academic work and goals at Colorado Christian University. (Use the “Heart, Head, and Hands” questions to help guide your reflection.)

Your reflection paper must be:

  • One to two pages in length, double spaced.
  • Written using well-constructed sentences and paragraphs (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion), accurate grammar, and correct spelling.
  • Titled with your full name, the name of the assignment, and the date.
  • Typewritten in Microsoft Word and saved with a file name that includes your last name, the session number, and the assignment title (e.g., “Johnson.Session1.Writing Assessment”). Note: If you do not already have Word installed on your computer, CCU offers all students a free subscription to Office 365.
  • Submitted as an attached Word document. Click on the Session 1 Writing Assessment link to submit your assignment as an attachment by the posted due date. Do not use the “Write Submission” button in Blackboard. Review the Submitting Assignments tutorial for specific instructions.