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Liberty University Digital Literacy Discussion Questions

Liberty University Digital Literacy Discussion Questions

Question Description

Youare required to submit one thread of 400-500 words in every module/week in whicha forum is assigned. Journal articles, quotes, or text references, must becited using APA formatting rules. Your biblical worldview must be includedusing Scripture to support your thoughts.

Rubric is attached.

Digital literacy is an important consideration as teachers in the technology age. Our students have never known a time when answers to any of life’s questions were not a few keystrokes away. Studies show that our students’ primary form of communication is through digital images and photo sharing sites like SnapChat or Instagram. (add citation) Social media has become the most popular way for younger generations to communicate. Celebrities use these platforms like Instagram and Twitter to communicate important information, ideas, and perspectives. So in this increasingly digital age, how do we adapt our classrooms and learning strategies to help our students not only survive but thrive, in a digital age in which they live and work?

Building on what you’ve seen and read, what are some best practices that educators can use to continue to help our learners are literate in the digital image world in which they live? What are some of the perceived benefits & risks, and how do we continue to protect our students (and selves) from the rise of “opinion news?”