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ITAS363 AIU Unit 2 Network Threats Presentation

ITAS363 AIU Unit 2 Network Threats Presentation

Question Description

Assignment Description

Part 1: Lab (40 points):

Click here to refer to the instructions for the Unit 2 Lab tasks.

Part 2: Individual Project (60 points):

To help the university personnel understand the possible threats to the network, prepare a presentation of 8-10 slides describing at least three of the most current and dangerous threats to a network. In your presentation, address the following:

  • Description of the threat
  • Examples of how it has been used in the past
  • What can be done to mitigate that threat

Your presentation should be 8-10 PowerPoint slides with speaker notes and an audio recording.

Be sure to document your references using APA format.

Include a title slide and APA format on citations used in the presentation with a closing references slide. Use proper design regarding elements (fonts, color, images, etc.) on your slides.

Use the Record Slide Show option to present the information on each slide and record your verbal explanations for each item. Please refer to the following for more detailed instructions on recording your voice on a PowerPoint slide: