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IT645 Colorado Technical University Virtual Workstation Discussion

IT645 Colorado Technical University Virtual Workstation Discussion

Question Description

This Discussion Board assignment will have 3 parts that are allrelated to justifying virtualization to your management. They are asfollows:

  1. Download a virtual workstation. Showing management an actual demonstration is helpful in making a case for virtualization.
  2. Read a story from an expert who has experience with virtualization.
  3. Research and provide a written recommendation for virtualization. This will be shared with your classmates in a discussion.

Download a Virtual Workstation

To convince management that virtualization provides efficiencies forthe corporation, you need to demonstrate what virtualization is. A veryeffective manner is to demonstrate how virtualization works, such asshowing a host machine with a virtual machine using a differentoperating system.

For the first part of the Discussion Board assignment, you are to download the virtual workstation from this Web site.

The site may require you to sign in. The download is an evaluationcopy. Provide a screen capture of the virtual workstation afterinstallation


A few years ago, I worked as a configuration manager for a geographicinformation systems (GIS) company that had offices in Denver, Calgary,Ottawa, Munich, Prague, and Jakarta. The company had five aircraft thatwere equipped with systems developed internally, including radar andacquisition software. The radar system was developed in Munich, softwaredevelopment was done in Calgary and Denver, and editing was done inOttawa and Jakarta. We did not have a disaster recovery plan in place,and the development team stored their source code in a server inCalgary. As a configuration manager, I expressed concern that we did nothave a way to recover from disaster, but there was never money toimplement a proper disaster recovery plan.

A few months went by, and one day, we got a frantic call from thelead developer in Calgary. Their source control server crashed, and theyneeded a replacement quickly. We did not have a replacement server, sowe had to order it from our preferred vendor. When the server came tothe Denver office, it was configured with the proper patches for theoperating system, and the server was shipped to Calgary. The Calgaryoffice installed the source control application and restored the lastknown database image. By the time the server was ready for production,three weeks had passed. Meanwhile, the developers were making changes tocode without saving it first. The merging of code took another week.

As it typically happens in industry, after a disaster, uppermanagement finds funds to fix the issue. I got a modest $1,500 budget todo whatever I could to implement a disaster recovery plan for sourcecode. I proposed to migrate the source code repository to Denver. I thenpurchased an old Xenon server for $1,000 and was able to obtain 64gigabytes (GB) of random access memory (RAM) from our informationtechnology (IT) team. They had a few memory chips laying around, unused.I purchased four 1 terabyte (TB) external drives for the machine andinstalled VMWare (we had a license that was no longer used). I createdfour virtual machines in that server, allocating 8 GB of RAM to eachvirtual machine, and 300GB of external space for each. One of thevirtual machines was configured just like the Calgary server, using aLinux operating system. We changed the process so that the developerschecked in their code in the virtual machine in Denver. Every night, thevirtual machine environment was copied to Calgary and Ottawa. A hostmachine was created in servers in Calgary and Ottawa to serve assecondary servers in case the main server crashed. The disaster recoveryplan was designed to be able to boot up a virtual machine in any of thethree locations (Denver, Calgary, or Ottawa) in case of a problemaffecting the server in these offices. We ran a test and were able torestore functionality after 20 minutes of losing a server in an office.The other virtual machines in Denver were used to create the applicationbuild, to test the installation, and to create automation test scripts.The project was a success, and we were able to demonstrate how we couldimprove our process with limited funds.


Demonstrating how virtual machines can provide flexibility anddisaster recovery capabilities will change the executive team’s initialresistance to migrate to a virtual environment.


Investigate the library and Internet for information about virtualtechnologies for data center virtualization, data management, andvirtual storage.

Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Based on your research, provide a recommendation for a proposedtarget platform for a typical host machine, including the number ofcentral processing units (CPUs), the amount of memory, the number ofnetwork interface cards, and the amount of local storage required.
  • Based on your research of reported virtualization metrics,provide a rough estimate of the number of physical machines that can bevirtualized in a host machine for a typical data center environment
  • Justify your selection by identifying the problems that thesemethods will solve and the benefits that will be achieved by using thesemethods.

Prepare a Word document that includes screenshots of your virtualmachine running under the host environment, and attach them to yourDiscussion Board post.

Responses to Other Students: Respond to at least 2of your fellow classmates with at least a 400-word reply about theirPrimary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling andenlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider thefollowing questions:

  • What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
  • What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
  • What clarification do you need regarding the posting?
  • What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?