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Immigrants In Our Own Land Jimmy Santiago Baca And Ernesto Galarza

Immigrants In Our Own Land Jimmy Santiago Baca And Ernesto Galarza

Question Description

Please respond to the following questions:

Jimmy Santiago Baca

1. In “Immigrants in Our Own Land,” what similarities can be found between the speaker’s life in prison and his life before? Are these similarities good or bad? (4-5 sentences)

2. (“Immigrants in Our Own Land”) What is the setting of this poem? (4-5 sentences)

3. Baca suggests parallels between life inside and and outside of prison. What are these parallels? Use specific examples from the poem. (6-7 sentences)

4. What is the definition of immigrants? Why does Baca use this term when referring to the prisoners? In what way does this term connect his experience as a prisoner to his experience as a Mexican American? (5-7 sentences)

Ernesto Galarza

1. What makes Galarza qualified to become one of the “volunteers” who help with daily needs of those in the barrio? (4-5 sentences)

2. What does Galarza think was the primary goal of Miss Hopley and the teachers at Lincoln School? (4-5 sentences)

3. What is Galarza’s attitude toward “Americanization”? What are some examples of its positive and negative effects? (4-5 sentences)

4. How does Galarza’s immigrant status affect his early education? Did his school provide a welcoming or a hostile environment? Explain, using textual evidence for support.


Homework Questions

Homework Questions

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

3.0 pts

Exceeds expectations

The answers not only contain the main points but go beyond them to provide a critique of their veracity. The writing is clear and measured.

2.0 pts


The answers contain most (75%) of the points that needed to be included. The writing is clear. Correct attempts to integrate the points.

1.0 pts

Minimally acceptable

The answers contain some textual evidence. Writing is not clear. The answers need to incorporate more information.

0.0 pts


The answers do not provide any textual evidence. The homework questions are incomplete. Multiple errors or complete failure to answer the questions.

3.0 pts

Total Points: 3.0