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HOSP1001 University of Nairobi 21C Museum Hotels Paper

HOSP1001 University of Nairobi 21C Museum Hotels Paper

Question Description

Section II:Careers(Due Week 4) (40 points)

This section should be approximately 3 pages in length and should be written in an essay format.

  • Provide an introduction to the section.
  • From the list provided by Professor Kosky, choose and research 3 possible hospitality job positions on the management level that you feel will be needed to achieve your career goal or that you might be interested in. Write at least one well-developed paragraph on each position in which you will
  • Identify each job position
  • Describe its main responsibility or function
  • Discuss its common job specifications or qualifications, such as certifications, skills, and/or job experience.
  • Using the JWU Link (Jobs and Internships tab), research an internship opportunity that interests you.You may also use another website for this research.
    • Choose a company that most matches your goals
    • It can be a summer posting or one offered during the academic year
    • Using the research you have compiled, describe where the opportunity is, what you would do in this internship & why you would be best for this opportunity.Help me understand what it is like and why you fit.This should NOT just be a normal job posting.
  • Conclude this section by discussing how all these opportunities would fit into your career plan.Describe the possible career path.
  • Provide a Works Cited page.

Section III: Company Research(Due Week 6) (40 points)

  • Conduct some basic company research of some organizations that would be possible targets for your career.You will research 3 different companies.For each company you need to use more than one source and you must use Trade Journals (industry magazines) as a source (a minimum of 3 times in the section).
  • Introduce the section first.
  • Discuss the following for each company:
    • Something about the company culture, mission, philosophy, or background that stands out to you.
    • Size of company, Brands, Service style, Locations
    • Special training or management programs or other unique benefits.
    • What the pros a cons are of working for this company.
  • Write up will be done for all 3 companies, each in a separate paragraph.
  • Provide a conclusion at the end of the section.
  • Provide a Works Cited page.
  • After this section is turned in, please be prepared to possibly share information about one of your companies during class time.