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HIST1015 Joliet Junior College Slaved Women vs Slaved Men Experience Paper

HIST1015 Joliet Junior College Slaved Women vs Slaved Men Experience Paper

Question Description


  1. Essay must be written in 12-point Times New Roman font.
  2. Essay must be double-spaced
  3. Essay must have 1” margins on top and bottom and 1” or 1.25” margins on the sides
  4. Essay must be a minimum of 3 pages long and a maximum of 4 pages long
  5. Essay must include a bibliography/works cited page that contains a proper, Chicago-Style citation of the book (You cannot use or cite any other sources).
  1. Essays may include either footnotes or author-date parenthetical citations, but you must use proper Chicago-Style citations (see above) and cite all material quoted or paraphrased from the text.
  2. Essays cannot include any outside sources. This assignment is asking you to analyze Rediker’s book, so use only examples and quotes drawn from the book.


1. What impacts did the transatlantic slave trade have on African societies? You must use specific examples drawn from The Slave Shipto make your points.

2. How did slaves resist their enslaved status? Explore at least two but no more than four modes of resistance. For each form of resistance you describe, choose a specific example of an enslaved person utilizing that method and then explain how that action challenged the slave trade.

3. How did abolitionists cultivate moral outrage? You should focus on the methods abolitionists used to both attract supporters and discredit slavers. Make sure you identify specific methods and offer specific examples of those methods in your response.

4. Why were mass, coordinated slave revolts relatively rare aboard slave ships? Be sure to include quotes and insights from the text to support your analysis.

5. How did the experiences of enslaved women aboard slave ships differ from the experiences of enslaved men? Be sure to include specific examples of the experiences you analyze in your essay.