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Grand Canyon University Curriculum for ASD Students Questions Response

Grand Canyon University Curriculum for ASD Students Questions Response

Question Description

Please answer the following questions:

1. How will you organize the curriculum to integrate the special interests and materials, activities, and routines for students with ASD across curriculum?

Respond to a student discussion board:

(AD) At my school our schedule is organized so that the curriculum is able to integrate special interests and materials, activities and routines for our students daily. On Monday – Thursday our kids rotate through 8 – 45- minute classes. The classes are ELA, Math, Technology, Spanish, Social Studies, Life Skills, Science, and PE. On Fridays we have exploration day. There are 7 classes, 2 of the classes are Math and ELA and then the students can choose from Art, Music, Yoga, Sports, Sportsmanship class, Tynker (Coding), Robotics, Culinary, Workability,Social skills, and CBI. This is where we are really able to focus on the students interests and also work on areas that the students struggle with like social skills and getting along with others.

Our curriculum is adaptable and the teachers are able to modify the work as needed. The students are grouped based on the academic ability level. We are able to teach the curriculum that is standards based on the level that they are at. If we have students that are above grade level we are also able to challenge them as well.

Our routine stays the same across the board and daily. Each class follows the same structure (ie… come in write the objective of the class in their planners, a brain opening activity and then they go into their lessons). Each student also has a point sheet that they earn points in class and then on Thursday they can purchase things from the school store.

Each teacher has the ability to take the curriculum and make it their own and do different activities and projects that fit within the standard.

2. Which evidence-based strategies to increase self-awareness, ability to self-regulate, and self-determination of activities, services, and preferences will you use? Defend your choices.

Each question is separate. Please do not combine questions.