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Golden Gate Recommending IT Security Policies to Help Mitigate Risk Lab 9

Golden Gate Recommending IT Security Policies to Help Mitigate Risk Lab 9

Question Description

Note: both attachments need to be completed

The purpose of security policies is to help mitigate identified risks. Writing these policies iseasier once you have created an asset inventory list, prioritized that list, and identified the majorrisk exposures found in those assets.

The task of identifying your IT assets begins with recognizing that your IT infrastructure andsupporting resources can be divided into the seven IT domains. The benefit of identifying theassets and prioritizing them across those domains is being able to document policies in asystematic and thorough manner.

In this lab, you will create a high-level IT asset inventory list, you will prioritize those assets,you will identify the risk exposures, and you will make recommendations for policies that canmitigate the risk exposures.

Upon completing this lab, you will be able to:

Create a high-level IT asset inventory list.
Prioritize the IT assets in terms of importance to a school’s operation and business.Identify the top five risk exposures found in the high-level IT asset assessment.Recommend IT security policies that can help mitigate the identified risk exposures.