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Georgia State University American Immigrant Experience Annotated Bibliography

Georgia State University American Immigrant Experience Annotated Bibliography

Question Description

The annotated bibliography should include secondary and primary sources you will use to write the introduction to your interview and the narrative. The sources should provide the context for understanding the circumstances which led your subject to leavehis/her homeland and move to the United States. For example, if the subject were to cite political conflict as a reason for migration, you will want to have a brief reference to what occurred – dates, source of conflict, how the people of his/her nation were affected.

You should include at least one or two sources written by historians of immigration that provide a theoretical framework for understanding the immigration story you present. For example, if you were to write about Kathija Jamaloodeen, you would want to read the works of authorities who explain immigration within a transnational framework or who speak to the particular experiences of Muslims or other religious groups adapting to western secular cultures.

The bibliography on our course D2Lsite has an extensive list of sources. Also, this course has a LIBGUIDE on the Kaufman Library portal to help you find what you need.

Minimum Requirements

1. One – two secondary sources addressing migration theory applicable to your topic.

2. At least three secondary sources (books, scholarly articles) covering your topic.

3. At least three primary sources of any type. These can be oral histories, demographic or economic data or essays/blogs/news stories providing context to your subject. They cannot come from interest groups on one or another side of immigrant debates (i.e. FAIR, Immigration Advocates Network). They can come from government sources such as the Census bureau, State Department or CIA Factbook. Reputable research organizations like Pew Immigration Research Center or university/newspaper/media websites are fine.

Format oftheAnnotatedBibliography

Divide the page between primary and secondary sources with a header for each.

Each sourceis listed in correct bibliographicform, accordingto Chicago Style.

Sources arelisted in alphabetical order bythe authors last name.

Each sourceis followed bya35 sentencesummary. What toInclude in the Summary

A sentenceor twoon thegeneral topic or researchquestion that the work addresses.

A sentenceor twoon thethesis or argument ofthework.

A sentenceonthe author‘s methodology: What kinds of sourcesareused?Isita casestudy or an overview ofscholarship on the subject?Howis thebook/article organized?

A sentenceonhow this source is relevant toyourpapt.

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