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ENTD261 Central Texas College SQL Scripting Language Discussion Response

ENTD261 Central Texas College SQL Scripting Language Discussion Response

Question Description


I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.


What is SQL, is SQL a scripting language (support your answer).

Student one:

Hello all

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used for relational database management. This includes executing queries, retrieving data, inserting records, updating records, deleting records, creating new databases, creating new tables within databases, creating stored procedures within a database, creating views inside a database, as well as setting permissions on tables, procedures, and views. Oracle, Sybase, Microsfot SQL server, Access, and Igres are a few database management systems that use SQL. There are different versions of SQL. To be compliant with the ANSI standard, those variations support the major commands which are, Select, Update, Delete, Insert and Where. Unless I am mistaken, SQL is only capable of one loop, the While loop. Though it seems to be a bit simpler to use, because of its role in building websites from a database, it is necessary. I also like that it is more or less customizable with your own proprietary extensions.

When researching to see if SQL in particular is a scripting language I learned that there seems to be some gray area. The argument being the difference between programming languages versus scripting languages. A scripting language can easily be called a program language, though it is not necessarily the other way around. It seems to be situational; being interpreted would make SQL scripting, while being compiled would also make it a programming language, depending on the situation. To answer the question, yes, I do believe SQL to be a scripting language but it is also most definitely a programming language.



Student two:

SQL is and would be considered a proper scripting language. As the name implies it is actually an acronym for structured query language. SQL is actually the process of requesting and getting information from a table. Because tables are very form specific in terms of how they are organize and how they are laid out, any language that will reference anything the table must conform to a set standard and a set structure. In this sense things Hass to run sequentially and in order in order to manipulate or get data from the table in the right methods.

When we talk about scripting we discuss the act of making an event happen or putting conditionals into events. SQL language would be considered a scripting language because it is capable of both recognizing and analyzing data within the table as well as performing functions based on the data that is in there. It is possible to have if were then statements or have greater than or equal to or less than statements inside of the Scripps so that only tables or rows or columns that contain specific data that meets the set requirements are affected and not everything is affected.

Also in terms of scripting it is possible to save Scripps or create things that will periodically perform functions such as back up the table or copy data over or notify when new or existing changes are made. This is the essence of scripting in that sets of code can be used and reused at well and as needed to perform various functions.

Another basis for supporting the sequel is a formal scripting language is that it’s forms and it’s methods are very domain specific and only work in a sequel server environment with data tables. This is the same way that python script will only work with python functions and VBS scripts will only work for things in windows visual.