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ENT315 UMKC Shark Tank Scrub Daddy Innovative Product Paper

ENT315 UMKC Shark Tank Scrub Daddy Innovative Product Paper

Question Description

You are required to view an episode of Shark Tank and write a three page (double space12 font) paper on the presentation, cover style, product responses and take a strong focus on asking yourself how this product or service is innovative. Make recommendations and suggestions based on your academic experiences in marketing and other classes that are relevant. Please cite reference as to why you made your specific recommendations. You may want to take the approach that you are the “Shark” and you have to make a decision if you will invest in this business. Review the episode from an entrepreneurial perspective. Is this a viable product or service and what is the value proposition? You will make a presentation to the class on your findings.

You can access the episodes in two ways:

Go to the CNBC web site