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ENT301 A1 Business and Technical College venturing into Business Discussion

ENT301 A1 Business and Technical College venturing into Business Discussion

Question Description

Part 1

Deliverable Length: 600–800 words

Respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Complete the following:

• Describe the business opportunity decision processes, as explored through the “Moving from Dreams to Reality and the steps included that you will take.” (Abrams, 2012).

• Articulate which decision process you used to devise your product or service in order to create a successful business concept.

• Describe your process compellingly, and work to make it a story that reflects both your personality and your understanding of your market. Answer the following questions in your story:

o Can your product or service be turned into a business?

o Where will the demand for your product or service come from?

Part 2

Deliverable Length: 1,200–1,500 words

Complete the following:

• Review the assigned reading for this phase.

• Watch this video…

• Provide 3 examples of businesses that do something similar to what you hope to do, and include a response to each of the following questions:

o What is the business’ “why” for its venture?

o What is your “why” for your choice of business?

• Clearly articulate what your business will do, including the following:

o Explain your production–distribution chain.

o Identify your suppliers.

o Describe your ideal location, and explain why it is ideal (this will help to create your mission and vision statement for your business plan).


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