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ENG99 EDCC The Net 1995 Movie Review

ENG99 EDCC The Net 1995 Movie Review

Question Description

The movie is: The Net (1995)

1. Think about some of the reviews you’ve read and used in the course of your life. These can be any kind of reviews (movies, cars, music, household products, etc). For example, I read reviews of laptops in Consumer Reports when I wanted to buy a new computer, and I often read movie reviews on the Seattle Times website. What do you think makes a review (of any kind) effective and helpful for the reader?

2. What (in your own words) are “criteria”? What are some criteria that you think a good review of a movie should include? Give some examples, and explain why these criteria are important.

3. State your tentative thesis for Essay 1. (This will go in the second paragraph of your essay as the first paragraph will be your summary.) Your thesis should state your topic plus your judgment (positive or negative) of the movie. Your thesis can also indicate to the reader your main criteria for evaluating the text.

4. Talk about WHY you recommend (or don’t recommend) that people watch this movie, and give at least two main reasons (criteria) for your recommendation.

5. List some of the specific evidence you plan to refer to from the movie that will help back up your points about it and persuade the reader that they should (or shouldn’t) watch the movie.