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ENG2206 Ball State University The Headstrong Historian Discussion

ENG2206 Ball State University The Headstrong Historian Discussion

Question Description

To Read: Allende, “And of Clay We Are Created” p. 1133-1141 (Vol. F)

Pamuk “To Look Out the Window” p. 1170-1187 (Vol. F)

Adichie, “The Headstrong Historian” p. 1188-1200 (Vol. F)

To Complete: For this last week’s discussion, I want you to show some of the skills you’ve hopefully gained in working through the other discussions in this course. In previous posts, we’ve looked at themes, symbols, characterization, contextual issues (history, culture, etc.), and even how the stories are relevant to today. In this final discussion, I want you to reflect on at least one particular event or passage from each of the assigned texts for this week using whichever of those previous lenses seems most relevant. So, you might look at all three stories and look at how they use symbols. Or, you may decide that you want to talk about a particular theme from Allende’s story, a character from Pamuk’s story, and the importance of history in Adichie’s work. How you mix and match the potential literary lenses that you want to use is up to you, but I want you to show that you have some knowledge of how one might break down and analyze at least one example from each of the stories for this week.

discussion at least 250 words,it should your own idea.