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ENC1102 Joliet Junior College Internal Revenue Service Argumentative Essay

ENC1102 Joliet Junior College Internal Revenue Service Argumentative Essay

Question Description

In this assignment, you will summarize two conflicting arguments and then, by identifying positions upon which both side could agree, you will establish some consensus between the two writers.

  • Your paper must be 1000-1200 words in length; quoted material and bibliographic information on the Works Cited page do not count toward this total.
  • Your paper should adhere fully to MLA documentation style; five points may be lost based upon MLA inaccuracies.
  • The final draft of this paper must be submitted to Canvas.
  • Students are prohibited from writing about subjects that served as a basis for extensive class discussion/activity or that were the subject of sample papers.
  • Students are not allowed to write upon topics that they have already discussed in previous papers.
  • This paper is a research assignment; you will need to find, read, cite, and document
    • two articles from the SIRS Issues Researcher database.
  • Students should focus on a policy issue (i.e. laws and regulations) rather than write upon non-legislative matters (e.g. is social media good for us? etc.).
    • A full-length CQ Researcherreport on your chosen issue; “short reports” are not acceptable. This CQ Researcherreport must have been published in the last ten years.
    • Students are not allowed to write on the following topics:

    Organizational Strategy:

    The following is a basic model of the consensus paper; you should emulate this design in your own paper.

    • 1)Introduction.
    • 2)Body. What are the two opposed positions of your authors on the issue?
    • 3)Conclusion. What is the middle-ground/consensus position?
      • Play the role of arbitrator between opposing parties. Establish any common ground upon which the two authors could meet. Upon which core assumptions could the two authors agree?
    • Introduce your topic to your reader. What is the issue? Why is it important?
    • Present the policy issue as a question at the end of the introduction: “the question, consequently, is whether the government should, or should not, be allowed to collect phone records for all residents of the US.”
    • Summarize the articles one by one.
    • Clearly articulate the thesis of each article. Then proceed to explain the points that the writer uses to support his/her argument.