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CSUFresno Organic Agriculture for Sustainable Growth Summary of A Newspaper

CSUFresno Organic Agriculture for Sustainable Growth Summary of A Newspaper

Question Description

Length: Between THREE (3) to FOUR PAGES (4) in accordance with the format outlined below.

  1. The 3-4 pages limit INCLUDES the list of references, but DOES NOT INCLUDE the title page and any tables or figures!
  1. Include a MINIMUM of FIVE (5) references of which at least THREE (3) must be peer reviewedjournal articles (Scholarly Journals).

Use the following format:

  • Font: 12 point- Times New Roman; double spaced
  • Margins: 1 inch margin on left; 0.5 inch margin- top, bottom and right
  • Titles and Headings: Single spaced; bolded and/or underlined
  • Page numbering: Yes- at bottom right hand corner of page
  • Tables and Figures: Refer to these in your text; Attach after list of references.
  • Title page: Make sure that you include your name and email address below your title. Feel free to use my example as a template.
  • List of References: Follow the author-year “Guide for Citing Resources”- posted on Blackboard in the folder with these guidelines.

Recap: Critical Review 1 Assignment.

The main goal of this assignment is for you to examine an argument, evaluate all the evidence, and reach conclusion that you can defend. The first critical review will be written in parts and later revised and combined into a single document not to exceed 1100 words.

In Part B, you will identify and summarize the topic as presented by the author in the newspaper article you submitted in part A.

Hint: Think of this part B as the introduction and Overview of where you are going with your critical review paper

1.You must identify and assess the key assumptions presented.

  1. Identify and assess the quality of any supporting evidence presented in the newspaper article/Journal work you are doing.

3. Then outline how you intend to critically evaluate the selected topic and present your paper.

  1. Think about what your conclusion might look like right now!

You must also cite a minimum of five references you intend to use to support your argument. At least three (3) of the references must be primary peer-reviewed journal articles.

In part B, you are not expected to do a detailed review of the literature sources you cited. This will be done in your final paper.