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College America – Phoenix Media & News; Social Trends; Internet & Tech

College America – Phoenix Media & News; Social Trends; Internet & Tech

Question Description

Part 1

Find 3 articles from one of the following three sites regarding changes in journalism and/or media (see below):

1. (See Media & News; Social Trends; Internet & Tech, or articles pertaining to same on Home page)

2. OR you may go a new route and look into medicine/health:

3. OR look at data around oceans and environmental info

Note the titles that you’ve read in the blog, and the general website that you accessed. Comment briefly on one interesting item that you learned from one of these three articles.

Part 2

In Chapter 10 of Hillbilly Elegy, Vance’s unapologetically patriotic side comes out. He writes,

Mamaw and Papaw taught me that we live in the best and greatest country on earth. This fact gave meaning to my childhood. Whenever times were tough — when I felt overwhelmed by the drama and the tumult of my youth — I knew that better days were ahead because I lived in a country that allowed me to make the good choices that others hadn’t. (190)

But in this same section, he also talks about how there’s a deterioration of culture in Appalachia. So which is it: do we live in the greatest country in the world, or do we suffer from a seemingly unsolveable crisis of detachment? Or can these two things co-exist? Does Vance’s praise of America (a paean, or an encomium, if you know those words) surprise you after all his talk about learned helplessness and the problems of Appalachia? Why or why not? What’s his true view of this issue? Be sure to use examples from today’s reading to support your answer.