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Classifying Mr. Fox

Classifying Mr. Fox

So is this a Bluebeard story or isn’t it?

????Add a post to the forum below providing your thoughts on whether Oyemi’s redition of “Fitcher’s Bird” from her novel Mr. Fox counts as a variant of that tale and why or why not? You might discuss the tropes or plot elements that Oyeyemi’s story shares/doesn’t share with original Bluebeard, the similarities/differences between the characters of each story, and/or the themes of each story (including the moral(s), if any). Be specific and give examples from the story to illustrate and support your point. 

For this activity, we’ll discuss in groups of 4-5. The groups have been randomly assigned and are built into this activity. In the discussion forum below, you’ll see the posts of your other group members.
Before posting, read the contributions of others in your group, and be sure to add something new! You can agree or disagree with the points your classmates have raised, or point out something your group members haven’t mentioned yet. If you agree with your group member, don’t just repeat what they have already said, expand on it! You could suggest a new example to add additional support.

minimum 300 words