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Chapter 7 Discussion Question

Chapter 7 Discussion Question

Question Description

Discussion Questions

Discussion Points are awarded for comments that · reflect that you have read the required text and readings · that you have prepared the discussion questions in advance · that you have thought about the content · that you have attempted to understand the readings · and that you are able to apply the content to “real life.” In other words, quality comments reflect effort, accuracy, and thoroughness. If you do not understand the material, you can still earn participation points by demonstrating that you have made an effort to understand the material and that you have read the text. Trying to struggle with and figure out the information merits points. I expect you to make posts that directly address all parts of the discussion questions as well as respond to others’ postings. Points awarded for responses to others’ postings will be awarded using the same criteria as original posts (see above, see syllabus).

You will not earn points for posts/replies that do not meet the above criteria or for posts/replies that simply reflect information from your personal life without incorporating specific concepts and understanding of the chapter.

Your reply should focus on enhancing your peer’s discussion and not on the organization or if you enjoyed reading it. This can be mentioned but should not be the focus. Further, you will not earn points by simply stating that you agree or disagree with a classmate without fully supporting your opinion with concepts from the course material. Your peer response must enhance your peer’s post while incorporating concepts from the course material directly related to the discussion question.

Required: Two posts per chapter. Original posts must be a minimum of 400 words combined. (approx 200 words each)..

Required: Two responses to peers’ posts per chapter. Peer responses must be a minimum of 125-150 words for each peer response.

Select two of the topics below to discuss. Inside your discussion always start by titling your post in bold using one of the topic titles below and then discuss your topic starting on the next line. You will then reply to two of your peers’ posts from either the same or different topic. On the top line of your peer responses write “reply to:” and then the title of the peers’ post to which you are responding. Start your peer response on the next line.

Complete 2 of the 3 following discussion topics

Discussion A) Script and Semantic Network

– What is a script and provide an example including what may influence what people remember and include this in your example of a script. Also, what is a semantic network? Provide an example.

Discussion B) Interference Theory

• Imagine that one week ago you changed jobs and got a new work phone number. If someone asks for your phone number you will probably have a hard time remembering it. However, in six months, you will probably have difficulty remembering your old work phone number. According to interference theory, what processes are responsible for your failure to remember the old and the new phone number? Also, apply this information to an example of your own (do not use an example from the textbook or PowerPoint, etc)

Discussion C) Reasons for forgetting

• Describe several reasons for forgetting (remember that you are using concepts from your text/powerpoint)