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BU Methods of Gathering Business Statistics on A Website Paper

BU Methods of Gathering Business Statistics on A Website Paper

Question Description

Meadow has asked you for some guidance on how she can develop some type of business statistics on the website. She would somehow like to develop information to answer questions such as:

  • What are the most visited pages and most popular recipes?
  • How much traffic is the website generating?
  • Are people repeat visitors?
  • Is there some method of collecting demographic information (Geographic location, gender, age, marital status) of the visitors to the site?
  • How long are they staying on the site?
  • Do they visit any pages after the landing page?
  • How many pages does a visitor browse?

The answers to questions such as these are invaluable information for a business. This data can be a great aid for finding problems or possible avenues of improvement for the application. Not knowing information like this can lead to the downfall of an e-commerce business.

Write up a document containing suggestions you have found from your research on methods of gathering business statistics on a website. Include feasible solutions you have discovered as recommendations on what data can be practically collected.

  • Submit your document describing what data can feasibly be collected and how it can be done for grading and feedback.