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APANPS5100 Aarhus University Fresh Direct Segmentation Worksheet

APANPS5100 Aarhus University Fresh Direct Segmentation Worksheet

Question Description

For this assignment, you will demonstrate your developing understanding of analytics that might be used within a marketing analytics function. Remember: each of the frameworks that you are learning in this course is just one lens in an organization. That means you will also need to think about how this data lives at the intersection of the marketing department and the finance department.

Below, imagine you are an analyst at Fresh Direct and as a result of your terrific work in the past, both the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the organization need you to help them with separate, but related projects. Each person has asked you to author a one-page memo (two memos, so two pages total) to answer the question they have using your new skills with customer segmentation. You will also need to submit a third brief response (300 words) to the CEO.

In addition to what will be covered in the live session, please review this material as well (Links to an external site.).


FreshDirect is an online-only grocery home delivery service. Begin this assignment by reading this brief outline of the services and background provided by FreshDirect. This presentation also contains some important information about how FreshDirect classifies its loyal customers that might be helpful for this assignment.

FreshDirect Background Information (attachment 1)

Then, consider this dataset. For this assignment, you are given a complete set of data with descriptions (a true luxury!). After you have reviewed this data, consider the questions from the CFO and COO. Recall that you will need to submit a one-page memo to each. A third question question from the CEO follows.

  1. Question from CFO: Our sales our down and we need to make more money! I am willing to invest in marketing campaigns with a couple of targeted customer populations, but am not sure how many customer segments and/or which customer segments I should select to provide the best chance at increasing our sales. Which customer segments should we select and why?
  2. Question from the COO: We have a limited number of deliveries that we can make each day and I would like to understand where we should be focusing our efforts by better understanding our customers. For example, if there are certain areas in our delivery zone where a lot of our customers are located, perhaps we could come up with new delivery techniques to increase our capacity for deliveries in those zones without a lot of investment. Can you help me better understand how our customers are segmented geographically so that we can better utilize our delivery infrastructure?
  3. Finally, the CEO has heard that you are doing some great work and would like a summary of the analytics you are putting together for the CFO and COO. Please provide in 300 words a brief summary of your analysis and key findings for the CEO.


This assignment is assessed based on your ability to describe the analytics that are used to understand the customer journey and sales funnel. This includes considering and justifying how your market segmentation should be considered and how marketing effectiveness can be assessed. You will also be assessed based on the clarity and brevity of your work. You should submit three memos that are appropriately written for the audience and that demonstrate your ability to communicate about analytics to others inside of the organization. Lastly, remember that this is not a frameworks course; though you are welcome to practice analytical techniques on this data, you are not required to as part of this assignment and you will not need to in order to answer the questions above.