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American InterContinental University Project Management Questions

American InterContinental University Project Management Questions

Question Description

Project scheduling is a key task that will determine the success of a project. The process starts with establishing the objectives for the project. The scope must be considered. A plan must be set in place with milestones and the final goal.

  1. For projects in general, why is it important to consider the scope when creating objectives? What are some of the key factors that should be considered when assigning tasks to employees? What are some ways to ensure project success before the project begins?
  2. Select a project with a multi-step schedule that you might implement in your personal life. For example, it could be preparing for a large wedding, home improvement project, a vacation to several countries, or something else. What are the objectives of the project? What are the actual steps in the project including preparation and execution? Do not discuss costs in your response. This will be covered in Week 4.