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ACCT402 Saudi Electronic Accounting Information Systems Questions

ACCT402 Saudi Electronic Accounting Information Systems Questions

Question Description

ACCT 402 Assignment Question(s):

  • 1. Write in your own words what is fraud as per Accounting Information System. Explain Fraud triangle as per Accounting Information Systems. ( 1 Marks)
  • Explain how can AIS add value to the organization? (1 Mark)
  • What are the components of the accounting information system and what is the role of each component in making the system successful? (1 Mark)
  • Choose one of the social Engineering Techniques and write a scenario how it could be used to manipulate others? (2 Marks)
  • Activity1:
  • Activity2:
  • Discussion:

The ability to develop a research topic is a vital skill and the most important step for the research.A supervisor may assign you some interesting area, but the most of them require selecting his/her own topic. As a bachelor student in SEU firstly, chose scientific articles as a main references for your interesting area then answering for each article:

a- your interesting area

  • Themotivation of your study

e- What is the research problem/question?

From SDL find one article in accounting filed and identify:

  1. Thebroad area for chosen article
  2. ArticleTopic
  3. The method for data collection
  4. Article findings

Explain grounded theory and its stages of conduct.