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Abia Polytechnic University Physical Model and Implementation Essay

Abia Polytechnic University Physical Model and Implementation Essay

Question Description

Systems Design: Physical Model & Implementation

Now that you have completed the Systems Analysis Project and developed a logical process model with Data Flow Diagrams, you now turn to the Design Phase of the SDLC. Your task is to propose and discuss a physical model and implementation of a newly designed system. Begin with stating a specific issue with the existing system (e.g., errors, poor quality, or inefficiencies) and a preliminary solution that requires data analysis to determine its suitability.

As an MBA student, you are expected to be a capable decision-maker. For your proposed system improvements you must (a) identify data sources, (b) find relevant information, and (c) synthesize relevant information into your decision.

For each of these prompts, draw from your project and provide a brief answer with a concrete example that demonstrates your individual understanding of each factor of synthesizing information component of decision making.

(Number the sections in your submission accordingly)

  1. Existing system issue & preliminary solution
    State a specific issue that needs improvement and a preliminary solution that you will collect data and analyze to support, amend, or refute the decision to pursue this solution.

  2. Mine relevant sources for information.
    Identify a comprehensive list of sources of information to address the identified issue.

  3. Include various sources and types of data.
    Note the variety of data sources and types to demonstrate a sufficient extent of sources including technical resources (software and tool descriptions and features), academic sources, and practitioner publications.

  4. Gather appropriate data.
    From the sources for information, note data that are appropriate and why (are these sources reliable?).

  5. Discern relevant vs irrelevant information.
    Note information that was included and excluded from your data gathering and why.

  6. Connect and combine seemingly unrelated information.
    Within the context of the system improvement, provide the logic of how the information of the preliminary solution connects with the system’s goal (i.e., the underlying business value).

  7. Select appropriate methodology/technology to aid in synthesis.
    Devise a plan ongoing plan to synthesize data as related to the viability of the solution.

  8. Analyze data.
    State how the gathered data are analyzed, the outcomes, and the impact on to discern the final decision regarding the solution.
  9. Final Decision.
    State a final decision regarding your preliminary solution. Does the synthesis and analysis of relevant data support, modify, or refute this solution.

  10. References.
    APA Format of referenced sources.