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Abia Polytechnic University Communication Technology Design Management Paper

Abia Polytechnic University Communication Technology Design Management Paper

Question Description

. Management of Technology Essay


Write an essay exploring the relationship between technology and managerial practices (particularly systems development); how they affect one another. Your essay should (1) clearly define the purpose, (2) provide an overview of predominant systems development methodologies/managerial approaches, (3) provide a historical view of a particular information and communication technology (i.e., system architecture), and (4) discuss the interrelationship of management and technology.


1.0 Introduction – a clear and direct purpose statement (to explore the influence/relationship of a particular technology on a particular managerial practice)

2.0 System Development Methodologies – Provide an overview, definitions, and major components (phases, tools, methodologies) of the SDLC (including the purpose of the SDLC in an organization) and Agile System Development Methodology,

3.0 Development in Technology – Provide an overview and definitions of a contemporary technological platform such as the N-Tier Architecture, Cloud Computing, XaaS, Microservices, The Sharing Economy, Smart Cities, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things, or related. Include a historical perspective of the technology.

4.0 The Influence of Technology on Management – Discuss the relationship between the technological platform and specific managerial practices. How have managerial practices changed in light of these changes in technology? (Hint: you may want to mention DevOps.)

5.0 Limitations, Future Research, and Conclusions – Restate the purpose of this essay with the major takeaways from your discussion. Note any limitations that you faced and provide a clear next step if you (or another author) were to pursue this topic further. Conclude with any additional insight or perspective to this issue.


  • Use APA Style
  • Number all major sections and sub-sections
  • For all textbook terminology and other technical terminology, use boldface for the word(s) and define/describe upon the first usage.
  • submit via TurnItIn with an Originality Score of 17% or less
  • Review the scoring rubric for this assignment
  • Standard, uniform font, size, & spacing


  • Describe & Define all technical terms. Include terms from lectures. Include cited external information.


  • Includes sufficient technical terms with no major omissions


  • A comparative score to other submissions that stands out in any one area
  • Above and beyond in any one area